Trade, Earn, Own

and Vote

Community Owned Dex designed by Apes on the Ethereum and Polygon
blockchain allowing users to trade assets without platform or 3rd party interference.

Why Choose Wallstreetbets.com

Wallstreetbets.com is designed by Apes where the Ape community can trade on the Ethereum or Polygon network!

  1. Trade Asset Pairs
    On Wallstreetbets.com you’ll be able to trade all asset pairs offered on the platform. On top of that, users will be able to add any asset pair they choose.
  2. Earn Rewards For Staking
    Users will earn rewards by helping the platform. By providing liquidity you earn rewards and strengthen the exchange in the process.
  3. Own Your Keys
    Wallstreetbets.com is designed to be a place the Ape Community can trade what they want and how they want.
  4. Governance Token
    The WSB token allows token holders to be part of a global community to vote on changes to the platform.

What can I do with $WSB?

Earn big rewards through staking pools, provide liquidity to receive passive income and vote to govern the DEX- and be amongst the first to discover the exciting world of Wally’s NFT!

Staking Rewards

Make your $WSB work for you, earn passive income and strengthen the exchange in the process.


A community owned exchange allowing users to vote, create proposals, and discuss the future protocol.

Wally’s NFT

Our NFTs are designed by a legendary Nintendo artist and their story is created by Ubisoft Assassin’s Creed: Lineage writer, William Reymond. Wally’s NFTs combine valuable intellectual property, eye-catching artwork, cutting-edge utilities and an amazing community.

Wally’s Origins NFT Series

Designed by a legendary Nintendo artist, Wally’s Origins NFT Series is set to launch in Q1 of 2022.

Roadmaps? Where we’re going we don’t need Roadmaps.

We are a decentralized exchange. The future is decided by our community!

About The Team

The team’s founding purpose was creating a decentralized exchange where owners can vote on the future direction of the platform.

Streeter Hull

Streeter is an investor at heart who has always been focused on pushing the boundaries forward. From bitcoin to ethereum and many ICO’s, his skills for apprehending a fast-moving marketplace are proven. His favorite movie is The Big Lebowski and his baseball NFT collection is legendary.

Todd Troxell

Multiple successful tech company founder CTO who has abandoned Silicon Valley for full time crypto. Todd has invented products used by millions of people and hired teams to grow them. He also likes the movie Hackers and high power electric longboarding.

Max Hirshik

Max is a cryptocurrency entrepreneur and investor, with successful products built in the centralized and decentralized exchange space. His favorite movie is “Gladiator” because it’s most comparable to working in crypto.

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