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It’s been almost a year since we launched wallstreetbets.com, our DEX and our  token, $WSB. 

Since then, we have been working relentlessly on creating more utilities for our  token and more benefits for our holders.  

We launched several staking rounds and made our DEX available on Polygon. 

We are listed on Coin Market Cap and Coin Gecko, the world’s most-referenced  price-tracking websites for crypto assets. 

We are now traded on Bittrex Global, one of the largest and safest crytpo  exchanges in the world.  

Today, $WSB is making history.  

Today, $WSB becomes the first cryptocurrency accepted on the Las Vegas  Strip.  

Not BTC, not ETH, not Doge, not ApeCoin, but us: $WSB.  

This groundbreaking deal is several months in the making and says a lot about  who we are, how we operate and what we envision for the future of $WSB.  

A year ago, we published a lite paper listing what $WSB could become. Creating  a NFT series was on top of that list as we strongly believed that it was a great  venue to add a ton of utilities to our token. 

Back then, NFTs were a foreign concept for many and far from becoming what  they are today. The gold rush was yet to happen, but we were certain of one  thing: our project needed to be unique and well-thought out.  

And we wanted to take our time to offer something that will stand the test of time.  We knew that rushing our first NFT series would be a disservice to our  community and to the NFT ecosystem in general. 

As a result, we launched Wally’s NFT.  

Designed by a legendary artist who created one of the most iconic characters of  the video game industry and backed by a unique story imagined by the  scriptwriter of Assassin’s Creed: Lineage, Wally’s NFT is an essential part of our  strategy and our future.  

Since last October, our legendary artist created some of the best looking NFTs in  the world and we organically built a strong community. Since its inception, over  75,000 messages have been posted on our Discord.  

We bought a 3×3 lot on The Sandbox to host Wally’s World, a fun hangout where  you’ll able to meet friends, play games and be rewarded.  

We acquired several deeds of land from The Otherside, the Metaverse created  by BAYC. We did that with one thought in mind: to develop them for Wally’s NFT. 

We hired a top entertainment lawyer and intellectual property specialist to help us  create the legal framework that will allow us to give our holders FULL  CHARACTER OWNERSHIP of their Wally’s NFTs. 

We launched the first ever Treasure Hunt that combines social media, web3 and  In Real Life challenges. 

And now, Wally’s NFT is also making history. 

Today, Wally’s NFT is signing a multi-year partnership deal with world famous Master Magician Xavier Mortimer.  

His show, which he headlines at The Strat, was awarded best Magic Show of  Las Vegas 4 times in a row (2018,19, 20 & 21), 3 times Best Family-Friendly  Show (2019, 20 & 21), twice Best Headliner and Best Value Show (20 & 21) and  once Best Production (21). 

On social media, Xavier is the most-followed magician in the world. His videos  have amounted 6 billion views and counting. 

This groundbreaking deal expands the utility of Wally’s NFT’s and $WSB in  completely new ways.  

This will be the first time ever that NFTs are used in a world class magic show.  Wally’s NFT holders will also get VIP perks, custom drinks, merch and more at  Xavier Mortimer’s show. 

$WSB holders will be able to use their crypto to not only book their tickets but  also unlock exclusive rewards. 

Being the first crypto accepted on the Strip and the first NFT that is an essential  part of a world class show is the beginning of a new era for wallstreetsbets.com and Wally’s NFT.  

A new era where we plan to sign more partnerships with an ambitious goal in  mind: to make Wally’s NFT the premier NFT for exclusive In Real Life perks. 

To succeed, $WSB and Wally’s NFT are becoming two inseparable entities that  form a unique BRAND. 

Starting today, our communications will merge onto the same Discord. Our teams  will work more closely than ever as $WSB becomes Wally’s token and Wally’s  NFT evolves into a purveyor of utilities for our crytpo.  

We don’t use the word BRAND lightly. This is where our path is leading us. 

As our world evolves, as web 2.0 quickly and surely becomes web3 and as we  work on an animated series to becoming an essential part of the Metaverse, we  truly believe that Wally’s NFT, using $WSB, can become a global phenomenon.  

While others market their project on hope and dreams, we prefer to take a less  visited but better road: We decided to show you how serious we are before  asking you to trust us. 

The Wally’s NFT/wallstreetbets.com Team

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